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The first image you see below is a window that has had the metal siding removed. As you can see it is completely rotted on all the wood. The window as well is all rot. ALL of it about to fall out. This is because of years of water running freely into the windows because of cracks in the stucco and NON-UPKEEP of the caulking around the windows. THIS condition is on ALL windows through out the entire house. ALL WINDOWS. EVEN the ones that have semi-new, vinyl replacements, are ALL rotted outside on the trim and casing. Those vinyl windows can stay but all the casing needs replacement. There are 16 windows that need vinyl windows plus 6 basement windows.

Below you can see inside the window casing after the OUTER molding and trim has been removed. We are semi-lucky because so far, the remaining "nailer" wood you see encasing is in OK shape so they can nail to it.

BELOW is an image of that same sized window with the outside wood replaced with PVC molding (NEVER ROTS!). The actual window will be replaced from the INSIDE with a vinyl window and then the entire outside caulked, and painted trim white. R-13 Insulation is being added as well in all the windows. Obviously the actual stucco will all be patched as well. You can see the cracks have been cleaned and roughed out for patching.

Below is the side/3 window ready for insulation and the PVC molding and trim. So far the BOTTOM sills on all windows are OK. They are covering those rather than removing them.

BELOW the windows are almost complete. They actually add TWO layers of PVC trim to "Build It Out" to reach the stucco lip. This one is shy of that second layer. Then it's ALL caulked TIGHT, ALL around and painted. That's an original, vinyl window in place as well.

The product used on the molding and trim is ALL a PVC based, synthetic product. NEVER rots, and is paintable. BUT, costly.

They grind all cracks as to clean and prep for stucco patching. Time consuming to say the least.
They powerwashed the entire house (Just stucco) on day 1 as well.

Below you can see how they grind out the cracks in the shape of a "V" (depth) which helps clean the edges and hold the patch. They use foam as an insulation on the wider cracks. The foam, once set, is shaved down. They then MESH over it and then the stucco over that. On the FRONT porch wall they use board insulation before they stucco. 3 coats of masonry paint in the end.

In this photo you can also see we are replacing the molding/trim that was at the bottom, circumference of the house. That too will be PVC.

More patching of the stucco.

Patching the stucco using a trowel and then blending it using a brush. The mixture is a high portion of sand. This was needed to match the original.

There were MORE cracks than they (I) anticipated. BUT, they are going for it. The darker color paint will help with the blending.

YIKES! Look at those windows and casings!